To be caged or not to be!?!

The tiny finch sat on its perch innocently singing his song unaware of the stalking cat. In an instant the cat pounced on the cage knocking it to the floor freeing him. Out he flew flapping his wings like never before. He enjoyed stretching his wings exploring a space he only saw through his cage. The tiny finch had no comprehension that the cat that enabled him to be free could very well be his demise.

That tiny finch and stalking cat are adored pets of a little boy. The little boy has no idea that the  tiny finch is the cat’s prey. He had never seen the tiny finch out of the cage, never thought it could or wanted to fly . When it flew close to him he began to scream for his mothers help. She feared that her little boy would see just what the cat could do to the tiny finch. She scooped her little boy in her arms and did the only thing she could, take him out of the house and let nature take course.

The mother feared her loss of explanation would confuse her little boy. The little boy looked at the tears falling down her cheeks and found the words to ease her. He told his mother the cat and tiny finch were friends and just playing tag. She held him tight cherishing his ability to be naturally innocent.

The cat spared the tiny finch. He was once again caged and happily singing. The little boy was amazed the thing that struck fear in him was just his tiny pet finch. The mother happy the potential killer was still a family pet.

A little boy’s natural innocence and freedom to believe in the best should be marveled. But for a tiny finch it’s something that should never be taken away.

For now on I’m sure that mother will be thankful for the cage she believe’s she’s in and happily sing her song pretending its all a game of tag.

We all want to spread our wings and be free, but we should never lose sight of the stalking cat.


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