A writing mother’s gained knowledge

There are so many internet sites, books and blogs about how to write!  I have read many an admire those who can articulate to another how to write.

I picked up a book on how to find your own voice.  I paid a price I rather not admit and read it cover to cover.  I added it to the “how to” side of my library.  Rolling back in my chair I thought to myself that I can write a “how to” on how to confuse thyself with too  much knowledge.  But I squashed that impulse!

Should I change my habit of sitting where I can find the room and prop my lap top and coffee carefully on the edge of whatever surface is available.

Do I really need a space all my own?

Can I cover my very own wall space with index cards, foot notes, and outlines?

The question’s could go on and on, and the only answer’s I can come up with is to be true to thyself!  I have tried all the rituals and organization skills of the published, but found I enjoyed shopping and setting the space up more than implementing what I have read.  Once I sat in my organized space full of everything a good writer should need I could do nothing but think of who was doing what and what I was needed for.  No words appeared on the pc that I now had no worries would fall to the floor, or that my coffee would spill on.  The silence was deafening.  I began to wonder what was wrong with me.

Every word of mine that has been written, has been done with complete chaos happening around me.  My very own space is my thoughts.   I have in many 99cent store spiral notebooks what I consider my all important outlines.  The only ritual I have is somehow finding the time to write everyday.

We all write because doing so is part of who we are.  We should learn from those who are accomplished and kind enough to let us in on their secrets for success.  But I do believe we should not use their words as a “writer’s bible” .   I will admit  with red face, that I will probably add a few more to the how to library. However  all I will take from the knowledge will be admiration for their success and hopefully a trick or two on obtaining an agent/publisher.

The issue’s that have left me confused are a little clearer now.  I have clear knowledge that what may work for one may not work for another.  And to remember I am a mom, which makes me the queen of balancing things on my lap!

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