New Year’s Eve honesty questioned!

The countdown will begin soon, and resolutions made.  I resolve not to make a  resolution.

Does anyone keep their resolution?  Is there a difference between a resolution and a goal?

I will be the first one to admit that I have not kept a single resolution.  Yes I am ashamed of myself for this and that is precisely why I will not make another.   I have decided to set realistic goals instead.   Some have said resolutions and goals are the same…I strongly disagree.   As I understand it,  a  New Year resolution is sort of a promise and a goal is something one wants to achieve.   I promise no one anything, not even myself!  I do hope to achieve many goals this coming year.

Comment me  about any resolutions you have kept or broken.   Tell me if you believe there is a difference between a resolution and a goal. I was honest with you be honest with me and you can be a winner.  What will you win for being honest and offering your opinion you ask! My admiration of course!!!  That is all this writing mom has as the year  of economic ruins comes to an end…who knows maybe one of my goals of having my book published with be achieved in 2011. Then I can give away an autographed copy!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! …May all your goals be achieved!

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