Participating in post a week 2011

This should be an interesting year. I am attempting to post once a week, with a given topic from  I do not have many followers on here and hope to get more.  You can find me on too. (SuizyQ’s hubs or find the link on my twitter page).  On that site you can read about Luci, she is fictional woman dear to my heart.

In my previous post I attempted to gather comments by asking your honest opinion about “resolutions” or “goals”, sadly no one commented. Well now that topic is in the past, it is a new year…with new topics.

The recommendation to write about is to share something that has made me smile.

Being that this blog is about a writing mother, of course you had to figure I would write about my children and my passion for writing.

My children have made me smile everyday. I am so proud that they have the ability to make me smile everyday. I could write a book (hey! that’s an idea worth jotting down) on the many different ways they have brought a smile to my face. Don’t worry I will not go on and on here about such.

The older one is what society considers a man at the age of 22. I sometimes look at him and agree with society but I just can’t help thinking he is still my baby that needs his mommy. He makes me smile in so many different ways, but in every way he shows me that he indeed is a man that still does need his (cough..cough) “mom”.  My middle guy is just a few weeks away from turning 18.  Again society wants me to believe he is a man, after all he is old enough to fight for the freedom of  his (and other’s) country.  He can make me smile by simply showing me he still needs his mommy. He brings home consent letters from school that needs to be signed by a parent,  always presents me with a straight A report card that also needs a parents signature.  And lately is excitedly running through the house calling (cough..cough) “mom” because he received yet another acceptance letter from college.  (By the way he hates being referred to as the middle guy…he was the baby for 13 years). The youngest one brings a smile to all our faces with his struggle to be just like his big brothers at the tender age of 4.  He will never understand that even though his call takes me away from a character in my novel that I finally had a breakthrough with, I still smile.  I smile because he calls out “mommy”.

Writing has certainly given me plenty of reason to smile. I smile whenever my fingers make my keyboard hum, or when I have written through another spiral notebook.  My heart pounds and the smile almost hurts my cheeks when something I have written on-line receives a comment. I have been told you can even see my eyes smiling as I am getting face to face feedback, good or bad, from something I wrote.

So there you have it….being a writing mommy makes me smile!

3 thoughts on “Participating in post a week 2011

  1. What makes me smile? That’s an interesting question. I love your answers; even though I don’t have kids of my own, the ones I know certainly make me smile. Right now, my cats are curled up at my feet in front of the space heater–yep, smiling. The simple things mean the most.

  2. Great post, and glad to hear you’re participating in Post A Week!

    What makes me smile? Writing in the office while my lady does her artwork on the other side of the room. We work together without really working together; it’s the only benefit of having two freelancers in a relationship. Haha!

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