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So the suggested post is about, “What I would like to be remembered for”

This is an overloaded topic.  I want to be remembered for everything I do.

I fear however, I will only be remembered for the the bad things.

It is human nature to remember the bad.  Sure we all have good memories but are they as clear as the bad ones?  As writers do we hold onto the good or bad, which one gives us the greatest creative ability.  If we draw from only the good memories, what kind of readable conflict could we produce?  I do not write from what has brought me to this stage of my life, but I do draw from it.  Sure I write fiction, but there has to be some knowledge of what I put into words. If I only drew on a happy memory it would end up as some sappy misguided self satisfying one page story.

Of course I would love to remembered as an Author of many great works of fiction.  But then I think, is that more of a dream?  I hope to be remembered  as being a good mother and wife.  But I guess that would depend on how I come to pass. If taken before my time, I’m sure the sorrow and hurt will provide them with nothing but good.  If I live to a ripe old age, then I am sure they will remember all the bad, especially for the one who chooses to take care of me.

For now I think I will cherish the here and now and not worry about what I will be remembered for.  I will continue writing and hope my work hits the New York Times best seller list.  I will continue to love my children and husband, and  hope when the boys leave us with an empty nest that we can still laugh, love and live happily ever after.

Wait I got it, I want to be remembered most for “Living my life”.

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