He said/She said

I often find myself preaching to my boys about the danger of  he said/she said.   I can only hope  they have learned there are three sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth.   I give my boys rules and consequences for breaking them.  But I have learned some  rules are made to be broken.   As the older two got older they started debating the rules.  If there issues are valid the rule would be bent and sometimes broken.

I am trying to  write by the he said/ she said rule.  When I read back my work, I see how often I break that rule.  I fear there are going to be consequences.  I have not figured out which consequence will be worse, changing what I believe fits or not changing it.

I think what I write just seems to fit, I am sure however on the rewrite much of the dialogue will have to live up to the rule, but some I will just have to stand by and live with any consequences.

Two admired author’s stood by what they believed to fit and it did!

“Surviving Murder, A True-Crime Memoir” by Linda Principe is a wonderfully written, horribly sad favorite of mine.  Linda Principe proved that a first timer can break the rule and make it.  In the first chapter the he said/she said rule is broken just after the first paragraph.

“The Reckoning” by Beverly Lewis, is another favorite of mine with more rule breaking.

I could list what I have read but you get the point.  I do not want to admit to my boys  there are exceptions to every rule, but like I do with them I will admit to myself  some rules are made to be broken. And like I teach them there are three sides to every story, he said/ she said, and:

“Are you done now?” I asked my father, not even trying to hide my annoyance.

” Yeah, why?”

“Lock the door on your way out,” I snapped

“Afraid a bear might get ya?” he retorted……just seems to feel more like the truth.  (written by Linda Principe, in Surviving Murder, A True-Crime Memoir)

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