Participation in the Post a week contest.

I promised myself to enter the post a week contest!  I am having trouble, not only due to lack of time (at least for this week) but the topics. They are wonderful topics that is making me think, but maybe a little too much. They have me thinking more like a mom than a writer. Then I say to myself…”self”… I am a mother, who happens to also be a writer.

Today’s suggestion is to write about “what’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010, and how do I plan to top it in 2011”.

So as a writing mother, I have three important accomplishments for 2010. My children of course. They made it through another year. They are a year older and that much closer to moving out! I kid, I know when they leave me with an empty nest I will be devastated.   The oldest picked himself up from an emotional mess just as the year ended and started the new with great self confidence.  I like to think the advise he took from me helped him a little, but I know the confidence I raised him with was the biggest help. I know this because he told me.  Do I need to go into detail how his words made me burst with motherly pride? I dare not say I can’t describe the feeling but there are somethings better off not ranting about. My middle guy spent the year excelling in school and developing himself as a young adult. He was faced with a hard choice,  involving drugs and a cousin.  I was very pleased that I did not have to lecture, he listened to me all these years and like his older brother took acted on his upbringing. He however did not give me a pat on my back, in fact he was a little upset that mom is always right! But stood by his choice.  My youngest is trailing along far behind his brothers in age. He is just about to turn 4. Like most 4 year olds, his family is his world. He is a smart little guy, his preschool teacher submitted him to be tested for a gifted and talented kindergarten program.  The teacher gave me the pat on the back with her submission. The day of the test was not one of my proudest moments. He refused to go in the room and take the test without me! I and the instructor tried every trick in the book, the harder we tried the louder he protested.  We ended up getting kicked out, he was causing a disturbance for the other children.  I hate to admit this, but I was so angry…yes angry at the 4 year old!  I made him sit in the car while I dragged furiously on a cigarette telling my husband what happened.  His words cleared everything up and made me feel like a proud mom, yet another pat on the back.  He simply told me to relax, he just loves you, he’s not ready to leave your side.

Since 1988 my children have been my greatest accomplishment.  As a mother I do not need a pat on the back, but receiving one every once in a while sure makes me feel like an accomplished mother. What I hope for 2011 is that they continue to rise above, make the right choices and love with all their heart. And knowing they are getting closer to moving out, makes me write.  I know strange response  right? I think the chaos that goes on in my house is my muse!!!

3 thoughts on “Participation in the Post a week contest.

  1. Keep writing!!!! You’re doing fine, but I would work on color scheme for ease of reading. Write in word processing software first, then cut and paste. You have one really huge paragraph there. They eyes (and mind) started to wander. Plus, I’m not certain you mean goals for 2010 (last year) or 2011…

    New child – new paragraph

    Happy Writing!

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