Still participating in the post a week contest

The suggested post is “Who are the three funniest people”

This is easy for me…my 3 sons of course!

The older one is 22. Everything he does is funny. He is trying so hard to be an adult, and I am painfully aware he is.  His determination to prove this is what makes him funny.  He was having a serious conversation with his father about his cell phone.

“Dad I am almost 23 years old, why do I have to beg for your password”

I hear this as I’m doing dishes, eaves dropping of course!  I had to stop and get to the bottom of such a proclamation of age. The short version is, he wanted Daddy to pay for him to down load the game angry birds.  I just had to point out how funny that sounded.  There  stood my “adult” child trying to get Daddy to pay for a game on his phone which we still pay for!  He continued to beg with a straight face, then he too found his words silly, when the baby got involved . The 4-year-old has the game on his Ipod.  He told his big brother he could play his game. When the middle guy came home and heard what transpired, he was spitting milk from his nose with laughter.

The middle guy thinks he is a comedian.  He is lucky enough to be a well-behaved teenager who just turned 18.  I know..I know I am screaming too…another adult child!!  He rarely gave me reason to discipline him. Now that he is 18 I figure we should discuss what that means as far as curfew and responsibilities.  As I tried to be serious he was pounding his chest like a gorilla..”mom say’s me man”… I laughed with him, not because of his Tarzan  impersonation but because I did say to him…“now that you’re a man”...what the heck was I thinking?   I know I have to admit that he is becoming an adult, but I rather laugh about it!

The little one is 4, of course everything he does is funny.  I mean it, everything!!

My 3 sons are the funniest people I know. It’s funny watching them grow into men and trying to prove themselves as such! Even the little one tries to prove he is a big boy!  Two of them are adults, sad to admit this and I know the 4-year-old will be too someday, but to me they will always be just funny little guys!

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