Do I want to live forever?

I have been participating in the post a week contest, a week has not passed but I felt the need to write about today’s suggested topic.

Do I want to live forever?

Yes I most certainly do.  I want to live long enough to see all 3 of my boys grow into men, find happiness, and achieve their goals.  To  see my grandchildren,  great-grandchild, great-great grandchildren, etc. achieve the same.    I know ,this is every parents wish…We are such saps!

The writer in me wants to live forever too!  I of course want to land a book deal, and have a cup of whatever with Mr. Stephen King.  Imagine the stories I could tell in years to come.  Imagine if I and only I could live forever what I could achieve.  Eventually I would know exactly what agents/ publisher were really looking for.  With an infinity amount of time, I could rewrite, revise and rewrite until absolute perfection.  I would master the art of querying.  I would be the queen of self marketing.  Wait, with that much time I would learn everything there is to learn about writing and publishing, I would be my own publishing house!!! Writer’s would want to sit to have a cup of whatever with me!!!!

But with all the knowledge and self-gratification I would be alone.   I would still be a mother who writes.   No!! I do not want to live forever.  I want to be here and achieve what I can and watch my boys do the same, for as long as “my higher power” intended.

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