What are comments worth

Being a writing mother over the last week or so has proved to be extremely hard.

I have discovered having a web page is  number one on the list to become a “real writer”. Oh! and blogging, if a writer does not blog they are not considered a “real writer”.  And let us not forget about the social net working part, come on! if you are not on at least two(the very least) social net working sites then you are certainly not a “real writer”.  Wait there is more, if you are not reading or commenting on other’s blog, web page , status, post or tweet…you are not a “real writer”.

The fact that I’m a mother does not count, in some minds because I am a mother I could never be  a “real writer”. I know I am not the only one in this situation but still I must rant.  And sure I know that no matter what I am a “real writing mom”.  Over the last week the only thing I could  focus  on was the fact that I am a mom. The writer’s guilt gave me such anxiety I wanted to just give up.  How does a writer look into her child’s sick eyes and say “mom has work to do”? When is it right to tell the family “I have work to do”?

I take writing very serious, it is a passion, a dream, something I must do to be me! My family does understand what makes me tick but at the end of the day I am simply their mom and wife. I am the cook, made, teacher, problem solver, finder of all things lost, bank teller, nurse, you name it I am it! I am not complaining, just saying! Doing all these things is also something that is a passion, dream, something that I must do to be me!

If I lose a day or two on the internet, “net working”, or working on my WIP (work in progress) I feel guilty.  I feel out of the loop, forgotten.  I can not, will not, lose any second of being a mom or wife. Most of the time I find a balance  between the two, but every once in a while it gets a little too much. The lost time on my WIP is fine, but social net working!! OMG!!! miss a day and I am forgotten.

I am new to the blogging world, I have two sites, this one and a hub page (hubpage.com). You can find Lucia there. Here on this site you find me. I don’t have much traffic here YET (not from lack of trying), Lucia has many followers and comments, I think she is a little more exciting than me!

I make it my point to view, follow, subscribe and comment on many blogs. I have a few favorites and may frequent their pages a bit more. Especially @AustinWulf, he was the first to comment on this site. When I reach a zillion (oh! yes a zillion) followers the few that I have now will always be top-notch!!

I have been writing forever.  Some of my work has made it to print and added a buck or two to my finances. My current WIP should be ready for the query process by summer. Writing is a lonesome process, which is what I loved.  It was just me and my pen (or keyboard), I didn’t worry what people thought of it until it was finished. My circle of family and friends knew I was a writer and that was more people than I wanted to know.  A good friend of mine suggested that I start net working and create a web page..you know..get people to know my name! (ummm! maybe she’s not such a good friend right now) Now, OMG!!, now I have announced it to the world..(internet world)..I have thrown myself and work out there..I have announced..”I am a writer”.

I have created said pages and joined social net working…My first step was face book… there I met friends from the past, family I have not seen in years and family I see everyday..ok! so that just turned into me creeping page after page, picture after picture..YES, MY NAME IS SUE AND I AM A CREEPER!! I love and adore my face book friends but that was not a very good platform for my writing. I now have turned to twitter…I am such a creeper on twitter too, but I creep with writing eyes! Follower after follower, tweet after tweet I am sent to link after link and love it. I have learned so many things about the writing process and the new ways to publish. I have to be honest, had I not joined twitter, I would have been in for a rude awakening when I sent any manuscript out..(OMG! do I feel old…)  I chose to follow only people who I did not know, and with similar interest as myself. I have met many tweets, that I admire, and know exactly what I go through. @Derek_Haines, just released another book.February the 5th..@Ironic_Mom, of course is a mom, as is @Kimmullican.  @ifollowthenight, @Shewriting, ponchomeg, @lenaroy, and @Tweetthebook are just a few tweeter’s that are great writers (bloggers) and of course people!

I have put my writing on a new level. I now worry all the time what people think! I am always hoping and checking for a comment or new follower or new traffic. Not getting many is so discouraging. (but, poppa did not raise a quitter) Being new to the blog, web page, net working thing has made my motherly/wifely/writing  duties feel a bit more stressful. I have all new things to feel guilt over and OMG!! my writing is right out there, ready and waiting to be judged.  Judged by the blog hoppers, page viewers…my words are there in a tweet, a status, a comment and a post. My family now thinks, mom is just surfing the web or creeping for the fun of it..YES, YES, YES..family I am having fun, but  stress and guilt are sitting right next to me.  HELLO, MY NAME IS SUE ..I AM AN ON-LINE ADDICT!!

I have a confession..lately being a wife and mother is giving me exactly what I need. Weather I am having a good mom or bad wife day, I know it. Oh! the comments they share with me are just great. The traffic is wonderful, a teen friend here, a toddler friend there..here a family member, there a family member…yes..yes..yes..I need it, want it, LOVE IT. I put myself out there every second, every day, in ever way and they sure are judging me!!!!!

I am a “REAL writing mom and wife”..I would not change a thing. I can only hope the writing side of me receives at least half the judging the mom and wife does. But all the things I am and do is a passion and dream come true…again I would not change a thing..nope, not one thing..not even for the book deals of all book deals or for the domestic queen golden crown… (ummm…go ahead agent/publisher I dare ya…dare ya to challenge my statement)

***I wrote that challenge thought as a part of a comment on @Derek_Haines blog, I just had to use it here!!***

5 thoughts on “What are comments worth

  1. I appreciate the shout out! Being a “real” writer is an uphill battle for sure, especially when it comes to the networking side of things. Keep at it though! When you reach a zillion I’ll be there to congratulate you.

    1. Austin
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting…
      You are always in my mind when I write..especially on this blog! Such a young man with fine talent, and never short on encouragement!

  2. I just wanted to let you know, I do appreciate the commenting you do on my blog. 🙂

    I read far more blogs than I get a chance to comment on – being forced to choose between commenting and writing. Most of my blog reading happens on my iPod and as you’ve learned, I’m chatty. This makes it very difficult to reply on a mobile device that has a possessed auto-correct in a forum where you can’t edit your replies.

    Often I will intend to comment, but get interrupted (by the kids), and my brain will think it has already commented when in fact I never had the chance to hit send.

    Ahh.. the joys of writing with children…

  3. I agree with you on so many points.I am a 34yr old stay at home mummy to a 2yr old boy and 4yr old girl.When i am not writing i feel guilty and when i am writing i feel guilty.Because I worry i should be spending the time with my children. After a day with my fighting monsters i sometimes find it nearly impossible to think straight. Instead of writing i just want to sit infront of the tv with a glass of wine.I have even thought about putting my novel off until they are older.But from what i have been told things do not become much easier.You just become their taxi driver and personal bank.I have been wanting to write a novel for twenty years but have allowed life to get in the way.2011 is my do or die year.I am also new to blogging. I have learnt lots of new things about writing by readings others blogs and writing chat rooms but do find it time consuming.
    But i have this restless desperate need in me to write. Its like an addiction. I have to prove to myself i can do.

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