Challenges a migraine can cause

The challenges a migraine can cause.


First challenge :  Little one woke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6 am. I am not what you would call a “morning person”.  I am so happy he has not yet entered kindergarten, that means no real morning routine yet. He is in pre-k, but the afternoon class.  Come on I am a bit older than I was with the older boys, so why not make things a little easier?

Second:  No coffee!! Can you imagine that? How was I supposed to function at such an hour without proper fuel? Well I figured this would be cleared up as soon as middle son woke. Little did I know he had his own morning ritual that had no room for watching brother so mom can run to store or , how dare I have even asked him, son run to store for mom!  His shock in such a suggestion set him back a nanosecond which he nastily pointed out has ruined his day!

Third:  Lack of coffee started  the onset of a migraine.  As I tried to apologize to middle son just to ease my guilt he grew even angrier…just a kiss on the cheek would make him miss his first period!! Off he went.  At this hour, the little one’s favorite shows are not airing! This of course is mom’s fault.  Migraine settling behind eyes, no aspirin in sight.  Well, why not just run to the store?  Ha! that brings us to the fourth challenge.

Fourth: Yes folks, as this challenge arises the morning commute news is still teasing little one. Forgetting the dryer broke days before and we now have to wait for the fireplace to dry daily needs.  Of course, we can not leave it on over night…the house could burn down.  I don’t know what I would do if  the freezing cold wonderful east coast weather didn’t return!  I would have gone out with the little ones clothes, yes I would have… But my independent little 5-year-old protested at the idea of being seen in the same clothes or his spider man pajamas. How dare I not care or think he would just go with the flow?  Poor husband has no idea what he is in for when he gets home…oh! one way or the other I will have a dryer by night fall.

Fifth:  Favorite show’s finally on! Phone begins to ring! All you parents reading this know what that means! Yes..that is every child’s free for all.  Trying to make an appointment with my surgeon and listen to his instructions, while the migraine is now taking away my ability to think straight, little one is suddenly dying of hunger. This slides us right into the sixth challenge!

Sixth:  There is nothing in the fridge or cabinets that I shopped for the night before that piqued his interest! Ah! Ha!, now I can get him to the store no matter what covers his tiny starving body!  Coffee, aspirin, mom is on the way to happiness and relief…NO!  The hunger he was screaming over while surgeon thought was cute was not strong enough for him at this moment…moments away from what I needed..wanted…just had to get!! Another hour has passed, everything was dry except for tip of sock, where his precious toe could not bear to deal with.  Hey! I am a mom, so I slide the sock over the blow dryer. Now there’s no stopping us…coffee, aspirin, food that looks appetizing.

Seventh:  Older son used my car the night before, his out of gas! Leaves for work with dad and mom’s keys in his pocket! Now I mentioned above, how thankful I was for the cold…not so much anymore!!!!!! The only store in walking distance thankfully had their heat cranked up, but! NO COFFEE…the only pain medication was small packets of two that cost more than going to Colombia on a donkey for my COFFEE! OF course I purchased many packages. Little one decides he wants popcorn and pumpkin seeds! Migraine now causing his voice to sound like a jack hammer I agreed to that and soda. Poor little tummy, oh! how the older one is going to suffer for this! Back home, in front of fireplace munching on choke hazardous food and gulping teeth rotting drink I could not lay my head down and allow aspirin to work its magic. While I slightly had my wits about me I figure I would call around and find someone to drive little one to school and yes..after dropping him off I would get my COFFEE!

Eighth:  My network of friends and family were too busy!  Migraine now blinding me I had to face the fact that not only was I not getting coffee but had to entertain my precious prince. My oldest son and husband did not answer my calls! They must have known something!  So I sent a flurry of angry threatening text messages! I figure if my day was ruined why not share… Just as I was about to drop and have the nervous break down that I know someday will surface, I look over at my prince and see his eyes closing!  AH! that’s right he woke up unnaturally early! Television off, fireplace off, house phone off, cell phone  off…mom and baby off to bed!

When I woke I was alone. I jumped up ran down stairs screaming for little one.  Husband and boys sitting at dinning room table staring at my like I was a crazy lady!  I stood there ready to scold someone, when I noticed I could see right,hear right, there was no pain in my head. Most of all I could smell right..the aroma of coffee filled the air! Finally my COFFEE..all was right in my world.

After explaining my day and not reacting to the family like I envisioned…I think they all felt a little bad for me. So here I sit writing this, enjoying my third cup of coffee, getting ready to surf the web to gather information for my WIP.




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