The art of essay writing

Essay writing

Here on the east coast it is very windy and cold. Yesterday it was warm but the warmth was ruined by flash flood rain.     Saturday was a warm sunny perfect day. What is the saying? Oh! March…can come in like a lion and go out like a lamb or vice versa…something like that, right?

I will not give away my age, but really I am not that old!  I swear the only reason I dye my hair is to switch things up a bit.  However I must admit, helping my middle son with an essay made me feel  more ancient than taking my little one to pre-k and having nothing in common with the other mothers.  Believe that essay aged me more than my older boy making me a grandmother! (GRANDMOTHER, …loving that word more and more)

We sat on the back deck basking in the crazy March sun rays.  I actually have sun burned cheeks. Husband and little one were tossing around a baseball getting ready for t-ball sign up! (I can’t wait to see him in his little uniform).  As my cheeks were getting color my son was tapping away at the mouse on his lap top. He was gathering information and creating folders. Words were looked up and defined before I could give him the correct spelling. By the time little one was bored from the game of catch ,middle one’s essay was ready for Mom’s approval. (as if he really cared, he was certain to hand it on no matter what I thought…but he humors me).  His rough draft was already being edited  from another site for hand in on Monday!

My boy had the nerve to complain about this! Being his mom, I just had to tell him about me having to travel up hill in the snow both ways to school!

In my day, so many moons ago…March only offered rosy cheeks from cold wind. (yes, I am so old winter was winter and summer was summer!!)  Assignments were written in long hand. Yes folks, pen and paper! Such an essay as his required over a week of procrastination, complaining how tough the teacher was and lame trips to the library checking out at least a C+ worth of information. (After all it was senior year, who cared about an essay with  prom just 2 months away?)

I thought I was teaching him a thing or two, but what I did was teach myself how I miss the good old days.  The days of a ripped up cloth mail bag weighed down with books. ( I hear those bags are a fashion must today).  Those trips to the library, the smell of the library, how I miss the librarian. She knew me just about as well as my best girlfriend.  She knew by the books I would check out.  If I read, “A Portrait Of Jenny”, by Robert Nathan, I was feeling melancholy. She would ask who the boy was if I check out “The Legend Of  Lexandros”, by Charlotte Lamb. She offered advise about friendship if I checked out “The Wednesday Sisters”, by Meg Waite.  She even knew when I had no date or desire to be with friends when I would check out a Nancy Drew mystery!! (all theses books and authors still offer me great support and comfort).  That Librarian sure knew when I was on the hunt for A+ information.

That Librarian, mentor and great friend is long gone and deeply missed.  To date she is the only author gracious enough to share a cup of coffee. (Not to worry folks…I will find out if  Stephen King enjoys one lump or two). **Note to self…research Mr. Kings preference…tea? coffee?**(does this make me a stalker?…)

I still keep (cough..cough) books on me, especially my worn out dictionary, in a stylish mom friendly bag!    I will admit sitting in the sun or cozy by the fireplace in this crazy month of March surfing the web is much easier and makes being a writing mom achievable .   So yes, my son is lucky as am I. (hey! my parents had tablets…HA! HA!) The good old days were great, but today is fabulous!

Technology is amazing, information literally at ones fingertips, but come on; the good old days were oh so good!  I can only imagine what technology my grand-daughter/son will use.  I hope I’m  around to help her/him write a senior year essay! (notice the female gender is always first/…hey I have 3 boys, one can hope)

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