Don’t talk to strangers

My little prince attends pre-school (pre-kindergarten).  I am not required by law to send him, but my sanity requires it!  He is an advanced  young prince. His fifth birthday was the beginning of February, by that time he was reading and writing better than some first graders. His teacher‘s wanted him tested for advanced kindergarten classes but as smart as he is as shy as he is!

We talked about the test for weeks! Not prepping him at all, the purpose of the test was to see how advanced he is, not what advances mom could teach him! So I explained the procedure over and over. Especially about the part of mom not being able to be in the class with him!  My little smart prince led me to believe he understood and was fully prepared to take the test. Being that I have two much older boys, I should have known better!

The night before test:

We went over the procedure again! Talked during dinner how first we had to sign in, find a seat and wait to be called. While taking a bath, I informed him how he was able to use his favorite spider man pencil and eraser. Enjoying a small snack, my husband made him understand that mom would in the same building but not in the room, he and the teacher were the only ones allowed in the room. They even joked about why, because mom may try to give him an answer.  I made up a bed time story about a little boy who had to leave his mom and dad and go with a trusted teacher to help her make up a new game for the class! He even repeated most of the story to me.

Morning of test:

I woke my little prince early so he could lounge around for a while and have a hearty breakfast.  While cooking his eggs and pancakes I went over what the procedure, again repeating the story about the boy who had to help his teacher make up a game without his mom! He was happy for that little boy, telling me how he was going to help the teacher make a game after he took the test.  Inside I panic a little about what the teacher would say to him and how I would look like a liar. Then I realized…hey the story was made up, he understands fairy tales…! And did he just say “after the test”?

Car ride to test site:

Again talked him through the procedure and how mom was going to be waiting for him in the same building! My little prince was ready for his test. I was proudly taking him to be tested so the board of education would recognize  how smart he is. We held hands making plans for the rest of that day!

Walking up to the building:

We arrived a bit early! Sitting in the cold crisp air I assured him I would be in the building waiting for him with all the other moms. I told him the test would take about the length of time as his favorite television show.

Signing in and finding a seat:

There was only about a half-dozen other moms and children there to take the test. When my little prince saw strange faces he immediately wanted to leave. I worked my magic and got him to sign his name next to mine and allowed him to sit on my lap waiting for his name to be called.  The gentlemen in charge spoke briefly on the advantages of passing the test and what to expect in the coming years from the board of education. Then he spoke to the children about the procedure. Everything that I have been prepping him on was repeated.  Juice was offered while we waited, my little prince took full advantage!

His name called:

I led him by the hand to the waiting teacher. She introduced herself and appeared pleased to meet him. She took the time to realize he was a bit apprehensive then  sat with him to make him more comfortable with her.  Since he took advantage of the juice offered he now had to full bladder. The teacher tried to walk him to the bathroom. This was not going to happen easily. They allowed me to leave the designated parent area and accompany him. This must have given my little prince false hope. In the bathroom he begged me to go with him and the teacher. The look in his big brown eyes melted my heart.

Leaving the bathroom:

He held onto my hand the tightest he has ever. The teacher was standing by the door waiting for him. He saw her and began to hide behind me. She reached for his other hand. I tried to let go of the other and quickly return to the parent area. He grabbed my pant leg, I was wearing sweat pants, if I continued in route I’m sure my choice of panties would have been revealed!  I begged and pleaded with him but he was not leaving my side. I even tried the “mean mommy” attitude but my heart was breaking.

People came from every corner of the building trying to calm my prince down. I was trying to get our coats on and make a quick exit. The kind teacher was still trying to convince him to take the test. I wanted to stop the scene and ask her if she was serious…or as everyone says “REALLY?”  Did she not realize all effort was lost, he was in a break down and I was about to start my own? Others were trying to escort me out the door, telling me I have created a disturbance for the students taking the test! Were they kidding me?  If my little prince was not so upset I would have truly caused a disturbance! I created a disturbance? No…No! Is it disturbing that my boy loves me and did not feel comfortable leaving my side to go with a stranger? A disturbance would have been the foul things twirling around in my head spilling out of my mouth!

This was a situation all about my little prince, but not of my own doing they now made it all about me! Did they know that is the way everything should be? Or were they trying to provoke me?

Car ride home:

I must be honest and tell you that I was slightly angry. I wanted, needed him to take that test. I guess every parent wants validation about their child. I had to pull over and step outside the car. I phoned my husband and had a little break down. He tried so hard, telling me that my little prince is still young and very shy. This I knew but for a while I honestly did not care!  It was my son who snapped me into reality.

“Mommy I just didn’t know anyone, I’m not supposed to talk to strangers”

How can I be mad now? How can any one argue with that?

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