What inspires me to be dark.

My head is spinning!

I have said many times that I write about my family(my 3 boys).  Most of what I have written and honored enough to have published is the dark side of my family.  My dark thoughts,  fears,  worries and  observation of the dark side of extended family members!  My story of  “The Family” is the deepest darkest fear I have which  I managed to turn into reality for my poor characters during  several chapters. What makes my head spin is the fact that in one afternoon I can write the joys and challenges of family, then turn the joy upside down.  I scare myself! Am I really that twisted?

I guess the answer to my own question is…NO.  I am just a simple fiction writer who can also tell you a true story or two.  My boys are the most fascinating creations and they are the ones who fill me with material.  If I ever make it as a professional writer I will have to confess that I owe everything to them.  And maybe those family members that I see through! Oops! should I have admitted that?, I can not see through anyone, my family is the salt of the earth…what I see is a made up world I create!! (I swear).

Soon there will be an addition to my  family who is sure to give me years of material!! In September I will be  a grand-mother. (one more week folks and we find out if the little precious one is a girl or boy) The fact that I will be  a grand-mother has given me endless material!

I am spinning with excitement and not so fearful of the other shoe dropping because that will only give me additional material to spin into a story or two!!!

That’s all I have for today…little one is sick with fever and not so understanding of  “moms work”!

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