Am I A Writer?

Am I a writer?

I write every day. I gather information and write about it. I draw from my memory and write about it. I engulf in  my surroundings and write about it. I observe my children and think of the worst that could happen and yes…write about it. Lately I get out there and discover what new things  to do in my town and write about it.

I am working on a cover letter, umm! writing a cover letter that is.  I think I have mastered the art of writing a query letter and trying my hardest at all the new crap one has to write in order to be considered for an agent/publisher.  I use the words write, writer, written…PLEASE LET ME WRITE awful lot!

I consume massive amounts of caffeine and write endlessly  about how I miss the drag of a cigarette. My personal space is filled with post-it notes in every color, scraps of paper, spiral notebooks, pens, magazines and paper back books. My number one reference book, alongside my dictionary …Stephen Kings, On Writing…has seen better days!  My back aches from sitting in one position for endless amounts of words. I ignore my house chores and at times my family. I am filled with guilt from ignoring them and get just as full from ignoring my muse. I even drink an occasional glass ( or 3 or 4) of wine.

I read often and try to read many different genres. I can’t help but stay with what entertains me or pulls me into the pages. I am a writers magazine junky , always looking for advise or ways to improve. I was a “how to” junkie untill I realized I could write a “how to” on collecting “how to’s” (omg! does that make any sence?) I was given a shirt that says “shut up and write”. (I think someone was trying to tell me something).  Oh! and I think I have carpel tunnel!

I do not know if the above makes me a writer. But I know I love it all!

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