Does a name really matter?

Sometime I have to laugh, cause everything is always about me!

If you read this blog, you know my oldest son is having a baby! Yes folks he is making me a Grand-mother. I love the sound of Grand-mother, really I do ..but I hope the little one calls me something less old  like mee-ma..gee-ma or Grammy. I am not old and refuse a name  associated with age..after all I only wear depends because I’m always on the go! (just joking….I have a few more years before my bladder betrays me).  I have a while before any name is spoken, the little package is due on September 16, and probably won’t call me much of anything untill March or April!

Last week they found out what gender the baby is!! As you may also know I am a Facebook creeper. I started that page a while ago, hoping to use it as a writing platform but it ended up being pure entertainment. So when my son posted the sonogram picture and revealed the gender, I of course tagged the photo and posted it to my wall. (sorry if you’re not a “facebooker” and don’t know the terms) I received many, many comments mostly congratulating me! Now I know its customary to congratulate the whole family, but they were congratulating me on the gender!!!  I should have felt bad for my son and (sniff…sniff) daughter-in-law to be, but did I?….NOPE!

If you read this blog you also know I have 3 boys. The oldest being 22, middle 18 and little one 5. I am so proud of them and they are all my miracles. When I was pregnant with the little one, everyone hoped and thought he was a girl. I knew he was indeed a boy, and could not have been happier. When the sonogram revealed what I knew, I have to be honest and tell you that my husband was momentarily disappointed. He wanted Daddy”s little girl. My poor husband even had a girl’s name dancing around in his head. I felt bad for him but was very pleased for myself, I had two older boys and kind of sort of knew what to do, why want the unknown?

So with each congratulation, my smile got brighter.  Then the phone calls started… My son and his wife’s to be news turned into my news and all about how happy I must be.  My father, my boy’s Grandfather even congratulated me!  Each time I was able to tell someone who did not read it on their news feed (another Facebook term) or hear from a friend of a friend my feathers began to spread. I was so proud of myself.  I know… I did nothing to be proud of, but hey if everyone thinks it so be it!

I heard myself telling my son and daughter-in-law to be, that they have redeemed themselves and are (for now) the favourite, even above Daisy (my dog). I knew those words were wrong but I did not care.  After all this was about me!

So in true Gee-Ma fashion I headed straight to the store and purchased every ***PINK*** baby item available!!!!!!!!!! Finally a GIRL!

Hey, I love my boys more than words could ever express, but into every life should come a little pink!  (Come on now, I’m a writing mom so that counts for a lot)

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