The dead line…

As I sit here with the my blue tooth speaker belting out Janis Joplin, my dead line is looming over me.

I know I should be allowing my characters to sing their song, dance their dance yet I am trying to show them I care.

I mean really we all need a break every now and then. My characters have been busy running and hiding, bobbing and weaving, and being too high and too low!

My youngest character has had his emotions built up and torn down, poor little guy just needs to sleep. His mother is so very exhausted from her break out. Her brain needs down time to gear up for the hide and seek game of her life. His father, gees!; the poor big guy is clueless, he just does as he’s told, even if it goes against everything he believes to be true.

The crazy woman that has plotted her dance for several years sure could use a drink. She has had her mind full of the next step for far too long and she was not careful to watch what she asking for. Her husband was low on self esteem and now don’t know what to do with his confidence,all he knows is that he will do anything to hold on tight to it.

My oldest character thought he was going to run off into the sun set with his wife that he neglected for years. But the heat of the beat draws him in deep.

I mean come on I have a heart, I see it in their eyes , hear it their voices and see it in their actions that they just need to rest. They need time to think of their next move, time to plot it out and get it right.

But do they feel for me?…

Do they understand that these things need to be done on a time line. Do they understand that some might just be looking forward to their next move?  Do they realize if I consume one more cup of coffee and not get my hands on some Sangria I might over dose on caffeine ?

Why do they think I can sit here for hours, neglecting the fury members of my life, or ignoring my own little guy’s cries for the remote that he looked everywhere for but did not see it just inches from his face?!! Is it fair that they rest while I stress about what to make my husband for dinner who is not clueless or in any state of self-doubt?


Can they sympathize with me that if they were not at rest and willing to help me with my dead line that I could be the one running off into the sun set? (well for a few days at least)

I digress! I am a caring person and will let them all have their rest, but I shall give them their very own dead line. And when it’s up I shall wake them with a bang!


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