Write what you know

Write what you know, write what I know!

I know that it is beautiful out today and I want to be filling up on vitamin-D, but errands had to be run. I know when I returned from the errands that I tried to talk the boy into starting the spring clean up of the yard, but he was in the middle of an intense live chat game. I know I was going to grab my book and take advantage of the light nature provided today but a favorite pair of work pants needed to be laundered for my husband. I know I was going to clear off my front porch and watch my neighborhood come alive but the dogs barking in my ear from the window prevented that.

I know I opened my windows and settled for the fresh air flowing in as my characters fill up on vitamin -D.  The youngest character may still be trying to decide what the truth is but he may as well decide while gliding through the spring air on a swing in his new local park.  His captive thinks she has every right to let the sun color her cheeks while her heart warms from watching him enjoy himself.  Her spouse dutifully runs to the store for the picnic necessities. He can’t help but shed a layer and roll down the car windows while singing along to the booming radio. ( I’m sure he was listening to “Walking on Sunshine”)

The  oldest character knows it’s going to be a long time before he can enjoy the warmth on his aging bones with his wife that he finally reconnected with. So why not take her to her favorite scenic park for a nice long stroll?  His spouse stops often to smell the blooming flowers knowing the task ahead of her is going to be to hold on tight to the reconnection and understand that he needs  closure.

The mother character, well she has no desire to enjoy anything. She has no clue spring is in the air. For her the sun rose and set on her boy, all she feels is darkness now. Her world will remain dark along with her action until her son is in her arms and the police rectify their wrong. The sun glaring in her eyes as she’s trying to direct her husband where to turn from the map flapping infuriates her to the point she rather be searching for her boy alone.  The only reason she is allowing her husband to chauffeur her is because she can not be seen.  The mother would just assume burn  the map and the car he’s driving but she has learned to think before she acts.

However the dog knows it’s spring and is desperately jumping at the car window to be graced with the opportunity to have her nose to the ground.  Her instincts are instructing her to sniff out all the succulent creatures emerging from the ground. She would love nothing more than to be rolling around in the softened dirt and stay on her back a while exposing her belly to sun and hope for a good girl rub.  She gives the mother no choice than to allow her time in the sun.

I know the characters having their fun in the sun have no clue that the mother will darken their days and all the vitamin-D available will not save them.  I know with help from the oldest character, the mother will be in the light.

I know that if I continue to plot a day in the sun for the mother that I will miss mine. I know that all errands are ran, wi-fi is unplugged ,work pants are hung, and the dogs wore themselves out from barking.

I know that my coffee will taste delicious on my back porch as I watch the boy bounce on his trampoline. My husband’s coffee will have to simmer as he wears any old pair of pants while storing the winter shovels and plow and digs out the gardening shovels and lawn mower. I know the dogs will lay at my feet in silence waiting for their good dog belly rubs.   AH! the vitamin-D is what I know I need.

I know I will be singing…

“I love to sing-a About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a.”

(by Al Jolson and Cab Calloway)

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