Rain, rain go away…

I sat here for at least an hour trying to write a little something witty that related to my life and my writing.  As I heard the clock ticking I realized this week I have not been productive with writing. I would like to blame my characters but I have to admit to myself that it is all my fault.

I can not even blame the weather, in my neck of the woods we have not seen the sun in some time. I should be able to blame my little guy. I should have been schooling him, but the year is coming to an end, nothing new he is interested in learning so he has dutifully sat and done review work.  I already administered the end of year assessment, sent it out to be graded and have the outstanding grades in an envelope ready to be mailed to the Department of Education.

I was gearing up for a local book signing.  It was to be at a spring fair a friend organized.  All my focus was on gathering the giveaways, deciding on what I was going to say to talk the wonderful patrons into signing up for my blog. The fair was to start at 9am but I had to be there at 8AM, I was dreading the early hour and trying to decide on an out fit that looked natural but put together at the same time. The event was to go through the day ending at 3pm.  Honestly my main focus was on what I was going to bring to eat for the day. The easy part was filling up the coffee thermos, but the hard part was deciding on chips or planning a 15 minute escape to grab a few slices of pizza or some sort of sandwich. I knew I should really be planning on something to eat with a fork or spoon, I mean how was I going to sign all those copies with crummy hands?

Well all that planning and scheming ended with me being able to eat whatever the heck I wanted. The event was cancelled! Mother nature dumped a heap of rain and wind in my neck of the woods causing wide-spread flooding. The event venue suffered with broken windows and water damage.  All my advertising and anticipation was washed down the gutter. I felt like a school girl who was stood up. I was quite angry with no one to lash out against. I waisted a week, I told my characters I had no time for them.  The only person I could lash out against was myself!  Well, if you have ever been full of emotions and no one to release them upon but yourself, then I am sure you know…there is no satisfaction in berating ones self!

I may have not come up with something witty, but I did come to the revelation that I truly did not ignore my characters. (my writing)  I mean I was going to show case them at the signing. I was going to talk them up and convince people to sign up for my blog and enter a contest to have first glance at their new adventures. Not only was I going to offer them first glance but a lucky winner would have had the opportunity to come up with a working title for their new antics! My characters were going to be front and center. I however was going to be in the back round sipping my thermos and squirting hand sanitizer onto my hands after every 12 chips or so!

The venue has not released a rain date,  but I am more than prepared for when they do. This week I will be focusing on packing for my road trip so again my characters will not be front and center.  I will not sit around waiting for someone to blame or for mother nature to rain on my parade. I will prove to them just how important they are. They may not participate in much scheming, twisting or turning but they will be on the ride along.   They must know by now even if they are not active upon their pages, they are always active!

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